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Looking for fresh, new ways to reach people for Christ?  Tired of being stuck in the same cycle of thinking and problem solving?  Ready to innovate and move forward?  You have everything you need to accomplish the task God has given you- sometimes we just need a bright idea to spark creative thinking and encourage new thoughts.  

As you explore the resources at Bright Ideas, you'll discover tools, activities, and ideas that will help you move your ministry forward to new places of growth and influence.  It's time for a change- get out of that box and lead creatively! 

Books on Church and Ministry Leadership, Children's Ministry, Parenting, Volunteer Leadership and more.  You'll find innovative ideas that will help you lead well and move ministry forward.  

This is where to find team-building games, downloadable resources, and ways to engage parents and kids in meaningful conversations... all

completely free.   


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Bring bright ideas to your church, conference, workshop, or team!  Let Anne inspire you to stretch and grow your church and leaders with practical tools that shift thinking and produce

big results.  

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