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Bright ideas for those who lead children, parents, and volunteers

50 BIG Ideas for Church Leaders

Would you say you're an in-the-box or out-of-the box thinker?  Do you accept things as they are or challenge the norm?  Are you content with mediocre results or do you push for more?  Have you settled for the way things are or do you push to understand?  Do you ask... Why?  When?  Where?  Who?  What?  How? 


Too often church leaders conform to the comfortable culture of their congregation instead of pushing them to think outside themselves, their church, their preferences, and their comfort zone.  If you're ready to stop the cycle of small thinking and begin to think BIG ministry thoughts, this little book is for you!  As you read the thoughts in this book, you will begin to embrace BIG ideas and see church ministry with a whole new perspective! 

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