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Get Out of That Box! 

Realizing Personal Potential and Enhancing Team Collaboration to Move Ministry Forward

Do you feel stuck within your ministry – like you’re trapped in a cycle doing the same things over and over again without seeing new results?  Are you looking for new ways to realize the collaborative potential of your team?  Then it’s time to climb out of that box you’re in and move into new spaces of creativity and innovation!  You already have the ability to express yourself creatively – you just need to unbind that which is hindering you from realizing your full potential! 


Within these pages, you’ll unpack common myths about creativity, learn how to overcome roadblocks that keep you trapped, and explore practical suggestions that will help you create an environment for creativity to thrive.  In addition to informative tips and theories, you’ll find dozens of “Practice This” exercises that will help you lead and inspire your team to think more creatively and work more collaboratively. 


“Get Out of that Box” will enable you to realize personal potential and enhance team collaboration to move ministry forward.  It’s time to create and get out of that box! 

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