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Impact Small Groups are a new and innovative way to equip families to have faith-filled conversations at home.  In these short small group experiences, kids and parents come together in a fun, faith-filled environment to explore what the Bible says about relevant topics.  By engaging parents and kids in faith conversations at church, they become more comfortable talking about faith at home.  Even parents who are new to faith, are able to see how they can begin to lead their kids spiritually at home!   Interested in learning more?  Click on the Preview button underneath any of the titles below to begin to catch a vision of how Impact Small Groups might work for your families! 

Bright ideas for those who lead children, parents, and volunteers

Home Improvement-

Families Working Together for a Happier Home

"Home Improvement" is a five-week IMPACT small group where parents and kids will spend time addressing common problems that lead to stress in the family.  They will take a look at what the Bible has to say and learn some strategies for correctly handling the behaviors.  Put a stop to problems, conflicts, bribery, begging, sibling drama, and anger in your homes!

Bright ideas for those who lead children, parents, and volunteers

Friend Me-

Learning How to be and Choose a Good Friend

As kids grow and mature, their circle of friends increasingly becomes more and more influential in their lives and decisions.  In this four-week IMPACT small group, parents and elementary-aged kids explore relational wisdom from the book of Proverbs.  They’ll learn what the Bible says about being a good friend, choosing the right friends, peer pressure, and being a good influence.  As families explore these topics together, they will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and share fun experiences.

Bright ideas for those who lead children, parents, and volunteers

How Do I...?

Exploring Spiritual Disciplines with Kids

Do parents in your church want to teach their kids the basics of the faith but don’t feel qualified or experienced enough?   Would you like to empower parents to have faith discussions with their kids and teach them to lead their kids spiritually?  If you answered “yes” to these questions, this IMPACT small group is for you!  In this six-week small group, parents and their elementary-aged children will learn the basics of spiritual disciplines through fun, interactive activities and games.  As they learn together and have shared experiences, they’ll naturally engage in conversations that will build faith and values in both the lives of parents and their kids.

Bright ideas for those who lead children, parents, and volunteers

Healthy Habits

Helping Families Lead Healthy Lives- Body, Mind, and Spirit

In our technology-saturated, overly-scheduled culture, families must be intentional in order to remain healthy – body, mind, and spirit.   Our kids often hear the importance of healthy eating and exercise in school, but through this “Healthy Habits” small group, participants will learn the biblical reason for leading healthy lives - including the importance of having a healthy body, soul, relationships, and schedule.   In this five-week Impact Small Group, parents and elementary aged kids will learn what it means to live a holistically healthy life.  

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

From Genesis to Revelation and Important Things In Between

Parents may find themselves intimidated by the thought of having faith conversations with their kids.  What if kids ask things they can’t answer?  What if parents say the wrong thing… will that mess them up for life? In this IMPACT small group, parents and kids will explore answers to common questions about the Bible, faith, and life.  They’ll move from the beginning of the world to the end and answer many important questions along the way in this six-week small group.   

Dig In:

Parents and Kids Digging Into the Truth of God's Word

In this IMPACT small group, parents and elementary-age kids will dig in to the Bible!  In four sessions, we’ll uncover the history of the Bible, how to look up and locate scriptures, Bible study techniques, and quiet time experiences.   These fun, interactive lessons will have parents and kids exploring God’s Word and discovering truth!

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