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A Day Away to Play

Every so often, we plan a "Day Away to Play" with everyone on The Chapel Ministries staff. We may take a boat ride to one of our local barrier islands, celebrate someone's birthday or like we did today, have a day of games and friendly competition. These Play Days are an important part of our staff culture and are an important part of the way we care for our souls. Today's Day Away to Play was Chapel Field Day... complete with 2 teams competing in events like the sack race, three legged race, over/under relay, and more. Following the competitions were grilled hamburgers and all the fixings for a delicious picnic. There were laughs, laughs, and more laughs as we revisited our elementary school days and competed in events that most sane adults would avoid.

While we play, the to-do lists are put on hold, the work stays piled up on our desks, the phone calls go to voice mail and the e-mails continue to pile up. If the work goes on stacking up, why do we make these days of play a priority for our staff? Is missing out on several hours of work time worth the sacrifice? Absolutely! Everytime we make play a prioirty for our staff, we grow closer as a team, learn to love each other more, appreciate our unique gifts and abilities, and our trust level grows. Checking off the to-do lists, answering phone calls, and responding to e-mails are all extremely important to us, but team and trust building comes best through quality time and play. When was the last time you played as a leadership team? How important is play and fun in the culture of your church staff?




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