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10 Important Truths about Leadership

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak to pastors and church leaders in Plano, TX about leadership. It's one of my favorite things to talk about because each time I present it, the truths about who I am called to be as a leader become more deeply entrenched in my own life. I find myself encouraged and renewed in my own desire to become the leader God is calling me to be.

Early on Saturday morning, before we got into the content for the day, I wanted to make sure we all had the same definition of leadership since an individual's view of leadership depends on their experience and previous learning. Some think of positional leadership that comes with benefits and privileges; I define leadership a little differently. Below are a few important truths I presented to the group about leadership.

1. Everyone is a leader.

2. Leadership is influence, not power.

3. It is being, not doing.

4. Leadership is relational, not positional.

5. It is intentional, not accidental.

After we spent some time discussing these points, I asked the participants to gather in groups and come up with their own definition of what leadership is and is not. This is always my favorite part of the day because this is where the leader becomes the learner! Here are just a few of the insightful truths they believe to be true of leadership that I may add to my list the next time I teach this workshop!

6. Leadership is inclusive, not exclusive.

7. It is selfless, not self-serving.

8. Leadership is willing, not demanding.

9. Leaders release, they don't control.

10. Leadership is humble, not prideful.

As I listened to these thoughtful responses, I was convicted by my own leadership weaknesses and simultaneously reminded that God gives all of us a brand new batch of grace each and every day. What do you believe to be true of leadership? How is your belief about leadership demonstrated in the way you lead? Comment below and share with me what you have found to be true!

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