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Release and Rest

My soul has been hungry for rest these days- more than a power nap or even a good night’s sleep. I’m hungry for the kind of rest where your load is lifted, burdens are cast aside, and there is nothing more to do than to simply abide in Him. If your soul is hungry for the some of the same, spend the next 15 minutes moving through a simple practice of release to give your soul the deep rest it is craving.

Find a quiet place to be alone. Sit in a comfortable chair. Lower the lighting. Close your eyes.

Take four deep breaths, breathing in deeply until your lungs are full and then slowly releasing your breath. As you breathe in and out, think this prayer, “More of you, Lord” (as you inhale), “Less of me” (as you exhale).

Pay attention to your body, releasing the tension of each muscle as you take inventory from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Concentrate on releasing and relaxing every single muscle- one at a time.

Remind yourself who God says you are: His child, beloved, chosen, valued, special. When negative labels or descriptions come to mind, imagine God casting aside the lies and replacing them with truth as He looks on you with unconditional love.

Prayerfully reflect on your day and thank God for His provision in big and small ways.

Spend time visualizing everything that is weighing you down: your worries, concerns, and losses. One at a time, imagine putting each concern in a box, sealing it tight, and then offering it to God. See the size of the problem dwarf in comparison to His greatness, majesty, and unimaginable power and might.

Remind yourself of who you are: a child of the King - eternally loved, protected, and cherished.

Release and Rest.

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